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“I bought the handkerchief and antibacterial cotton from Lazada! I love the handkerchief the most, I make it as a bib too. And for my baby bathing, cleaning tools. With the 100% cotton material, it does not cause any irritation for my baby’s skin! Thanks for bringing such good products to Malaysia!”


“I’ve been looking for a trustable cotton wipes for my son…finally I found YOU! @suzuranbabymalaysia I’m so glad that it’s also an antibacterial cottons that I’m not worry to use them on him. I love it that they are very thick, squishy and very soft. Even Lucas loves it!”


“Super satisfied after trying 1 box of Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton. Now repurchase more! 100% safe to use even for cleaning baby’s oral gum! Worry-free!


“These Japanese sweat pad work like a charm! After absorbing the sweat from my baby’s back when she’s asleep, I can just remove it by pulling the top collar, keeping my baby cool and dry. Now my baby can sleep comfortably and mommy happy.”


“I’m using these @suzuranbabymalaysia handkerchiefs, I think at least 10 pc a day!! Since baby Kay LOVES spitting out milk after feed.”


“Baju dari @suzuranbabymalaysia sangat selesa!!! I think Rafani’s smile explained it all right. Kalau anak jenis mudah berpeluh, naik ruam, kulit sensitif cotton kimono ni memang terbaik.”


“Bought this undershirt. 100% clean cotton. Feel soft and comfort. No fluorescent, colouring added, safe for baby! Can’t wait to let my boy wear it!”


“Loving Suzuran Baby products since giving birth to my baby girl. Happy it’s finally in Malaysia. Don’t need the hassle to get them from overseas all the time"


“As my baby girl has eczema, we try to take care as clean as possible for hereto not worsen her skin. Every feeding will use 2 handkerchiefs, one is to wipe the mouth during drink, another one is to wipe the face after drink. So one day easily used up to 16 pieces. Then bath time, leisurely wipe hand and body etc, need more. I would like to recommend Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief. The material used is thin, breathable and soft, and therefore gentle to my baby’s skin. And it is easy to dry. After wash, hang it in airy area, it will dry very fast.”

Naonie Chao

“I first came across Suzuran Baby when I was 7 months pregnant, I really like how the products are so simple & pure, so I got myself every Suzuran Baby products. Products like bath towels, handkerchiefs etc, they are so soft & comfy after washed. I love all the products, but personal favourite is the wet cleansing cotton, handkerchiefs & the baby gloves. The fabric is super easy to wash and stay soft each time, it's really good to use them on baby's delicate skin. The baby gloves unlike most baby mittens that are just made for newborns, the elastic band are not too tight, so baby's wrists wouldn't be bounded; their little hands can easily opens in the gloves, so their development wouldn't be restrained. Now as the little one is 3 months+, I've packed up all other mittens and bought extra pairs from Suzuran Baby. I quite like how their bathing towels are in rectangle shape, the baby can be nicely covered with warm towels during bath time, but my mother in law are not quite used to the size, so she rarely use it. But as it's in a nice rectangle shape, we now use it in the stroller or at places where the little one needs to lie down temperately.”


“On Antibacterial Cotton “No wonder this is everyone’s favourite (referring to Antibacterial Cotton). The cotton is soft, and tender enough for cleaning after baby poo. On Wet Cleaning Cotton “Perfect for cleaning up my baby’s tongue, pacifiers and bottles. Individually packed, I have them everywhere. In my purse, in my baby’s bag…”